"PPP should become one of the most important mechanisms of social policy "

                                                                                                                                                              Vladimir Putin

About the project


The site was created in order to study the European experience in PPP 

Upcoming events


Summer school for civil servants

 This teaching program  will help civil servants (representatives of Perm region government and Perm region municipals) to upgrade the knowledge in the EU theory and practice of PPPs, to become more professional in such fields like state and municipal administration, procurement and project management.


Awarded by European Comission

Annual conference "PPP days in the Perm region"

The key discussion of the conference will be dedicated  to the EU experience in the development of PPP and infrastructure industries. The participants will  search for more effective ways to develop infrastructure industries using the EU PPP tools as a basis for increasing the quality of life and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Events schedule for 2022

Our team


Igor Merzlov

Academic Project Coordinator, Head of the Department of Management of Perm State National Research University, Doctor of Economics.


Oksana Noskova

Senior lecturer at the Department of Management, Perm State National Research University, author and teacher of courses in various management disciplines.